These tips are to help you master the art of mechanical bull riding

Relax, it’s just a mechanical bull!

1. Hold the padded strap with one hand while using your free DOMINANT hand (that’s the one you write with) in the air to balance. This is great as it gives you more freedom to balance and keep yourself on the mechanical bull ride.

2. Move your legs forward and squeeze with your lower body. Relax the upper body. You will hold onto the bull much better with the extra grip you generate with your legs.

3. Watch the head of the mechanical bull to indicate directional changes and maintain balance. Do not smile at your friends when the bull is moving. Just watch the head of the mechanical bull and ensure that you do not lean in an opposing motion which will set you off and thrown you off the bull.

4. Lean back when the bull head moves down and forward when the bull head moves upward. A good mechanical bull operator will give you a chance to practice a bit before speeding up the mechanical bull. At Smart Hire we ensure that our operators give our clients a fair chance to enjoy the mechanical bull.

5. If you are concerned at any time, say, “STOP,” or use an extended arm with flat hand, the international signal for “stop,” to communicate to the operator that you are ready for the ride to end. You may want to make sure the operator knows the signal before you start. At Smart Hire our operators are well trained and will stop the bull ride immediately should you request the ride to be stopped.

Have a great time, ask your friends to take pictures and share them on social media!
Spread the word, MECHANICAL BULLS are fun and you can look great riding them!